Reasons Why Roof Coating Has Become So Popular These Days


The enormous growing section of the roofing industry today is the sale and installation of metal roof coating. Acrylic polymers are sprayed onto the roof which adds life to your roof. Especially in the current economy, commercial building owners are delaying their expenditure in favor of foolproof ways to keep using what they have.

These days’ homeowners consider a metal roof coating to be the next preference for an entirely new roof in the form of an acrylic membrane on the old one.

There are plenty of roofs introduced in the market these days like steel, aluminum, galvalume. Contractor and homeowners believe that they are practical and durable. Assuredly, the amount of this roofing in the market is the biggest contributor to the growth in popularity of metal roof coatings. We need to be careful with metal roofing as after some time metal can spring leaks and may come loose in a strong windstorm. The joints are going to be problematic in terms of leaking.

Growth of Metal Roof Coating

The reason is that these kinds of roof are durable and very useful. When a roof coating is applied, it protects the roof against leaks and banishes the risk of rusting. These days’ owners of commercial, industrial, farm, and ranch structure count on them. On the basis of trust, manufacturer keeps developing these polymers, application, and techniques to maintain the standard of roofing.

Energy Efficient Coating

Most of the coatings are white or light colored. The reason it is applied on the metal is that in spite of absorbing the heat, it reflects 90% heat away. The benefit of this kind of coating reduces the room temperature effectively.  Government energy experts have conducted an experiment with infrared and focus it on the roof. Interestingly, the half-coated roof show the radiating red (heat), while the treated side shines a cold blue. This means heat isn’t passing into a building interior, which radically reduces the cost of air conditioning. That is the reason why white coating have earned the government’s Energy Star approval. After applying these coating, the utility usage has been dropped down for the building owners and they started saving money. Hopperoofing conducted a survey with homeowners who confirmed that our customers can see a 30-50% savings on annual cooling costs after installing one of our roof coatings.


Application Process

The metal is restored before applying the coating. Professionals wash the roof using liquids with intense pressure which eliminate rust and grime. It is treated with a rust-proofing compound. Even metal screws, a frequent source of leaks, are tightened and caulked. After that, the coupling of the metal is taken into consideration, which is taken care after applying base coat and fabric sealer. After verifying each and every default the final coating is sprayed over the total surface. It dries into a flawless membrane. The materials carry a warranty of up to 12 years. Some of the products available carry a Class “A” fire-resistance rating.

Many homeowners live with a myth that tearing off the old roof and replacing it is somewhat greater than applying the new coating and roof. It’s a fairly quick job that results in the little interruption to customers, work or employees. At times one single person with a sprayer is all that is needed.

At Hopper Roofing, we understand that finding a roofing company you can trust that has the right product for your situation can be a daunting and time-consuming task. If you have a commercial flat, metal, or low slope roof or have been looking for roof coatings Iowa on the internet,  you need to look for something that is protected with one of our durable and long-lasting Conklin® roof coatings.


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