Choosing The Single Ply Metal Roofing


People have been using metal roofs for decade now. Theses roof are very long-lasting and dependable as well. But every good thing face problems some way or other because in the long run, these roofs fall prey to rust and dislocation. The holes that you will find in metal roofing panels are not reliable when it comes to patching. So, the classic solution is that the entire system should be replaced. Well it is going to cost you ample, but there is a flip side to it which not only save your valuable money but also give you significant advantages. The alternative solution is veiling it with a single-ply PVC roof system.  

Hopperoofing advise its customers to use a customized foam insulation to fill the custom-made foam insulation to fill the cavity in the metal panels. Especially between ribs/standing joints. This creates a flat covering for the new roof. Cover the foam with a blanket of heavy, panelled insulation. This will create a smoother area for installation and adds a new layer of insulation. Introducing your roof with the white single-play material is a great idea. Since it covers the old rusty metal and gives a seamless roof. The reconstructed PVC roof provides several key advantages over installing new metal panels.

Why choose single-ply roofing?


Since it is less expensive, you will be far away from removing the old metal panels and installing new ones. Now you can save thousands of dollars which will depend on the type of metal panels and the installation complexity.

Interesting fact is that white PVC reflects the direct sun rays, which will not only reduce your electricity bills but also maintain the temperature to the minimal. According to Hopper Roofing, Bright white P.V.C reflects up to 83% more heat than channeled metal roofing panels. In winters, it plays a different role as the extra insulation keep heat from radiating out of your house further reducing the power usage.

The single-ply roofing has very few seams and joints which make it less likely to leak in rainy weather compared to the metal roofing. Apart from that, the installation process is much quieter and quicker, causing less

Installation is quicker and quieter and safer than metal roofing installation, causing less turmoil to your family, customers and employees. The single ply roofing is more economical option, as it continues to save money in repairs and energy in future.

Hopperoofing have been serving the roofing industry since 1977. And with all the experience we would advise you to cover your roof instead of replacing. With our team of experts, we ensure your safety as well as your roof. If you want to know more about our services, you can search for Single Ply Roofing Iowa on the internet and learn more about Hopperoofing services from you will see change not only on the roof but in yourself and your family.


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