Tips On Rubber Roof Repairs In Waterloo, IA


The rubber roofs also known as the EPDM roofs are the most common choice for the roofs with a low slope. These roofs can have an extended life of more than 20 years. Though sometimes these roofs can be in a need for the repair. For rubber roof repairs in Waterloo, IA you can either go in for a DIY repair or simply take help from a professional roofing company.

The Rubber Roof Repairs In Waterloo, IA

The first step to proceed with the rubber roof or EPDM roof repairs is to procure the right material. The area which needs to be repaired should be prepared for the repair in order to do the repair work properly. The EPDM roofs are easy to repair and maintain. You will not need any hot asphalt or open flame torch to do the repairs, as it is needed in other roofing systems. But it is really important that you use only the right material and techniques, or the roof damage can go worse. This may also make the warranty useless or void.

The Material You Should Avoid With EPDM Or Rubber Roofs

 The rubber or the EPDM roofs have a synthetic rubber membrane and using asphalt products to repair them will not be right. Even the use of a coating which is asphalt or aluminum based is not meant for the EPDM or rubber roofs. Avoid the use of any asphalt based product because this will leave replacement as the only option. Whether it is asphalt flashing cement, you should strictly avoid the use of it for your rubber or EPDM roof repairs.

How To Do Temporary Repairs Yourself

 Using patches is the best way to do the temporary repairs. You can use a flame torch to heat the area and fix it with the patch. Before using the patch make sure the area is cleaned properly. If the area is not clean, the patch will not work.

Do this only if you have good DIY skills. Sometimes people end up making the damage worse. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the repair done through patchwork is temporary. For a permanent fix, you will need the help of professionals.


The Best Repairs You Can Get With Hoppe Roofing

When it comes to professional help, you should make sure that you opt for the best in the town. With Hoppe Roofing, you get the best repairs. Our experience of decades lets us give you a repair which makes your roof good as brand new. When you might feel that your roof needs to be replaced, we can make sure that we can do the repairs so well that you do not have to think about the replacement for another 4 to 5 years.

To give you the best quality we use the best roofing products on the market. Conklin roofing products are what we use. To get the best service and the best materials for the repair work in Commercial Roofing Companies Waterloo IA contact Hoppe Roofing at (855) 472-4932.


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