Flat Roof Replacement, is it important and the benefits


Once in a while, everyone come across a phase where they need to replace their roof. Since it is a replacement of the entire roof, everyone has spent their precious time and money on the flat roofs over and over again. If special attention is not given to the roofs regularly, one may need a replacement of their flat roof. Healthy roofs are strong and durable and can last for years if maintained by professional roofing companies. Call Hoppe Roofing at (855) 472-4932 for the best Flat Roof Replacement Sioux Falls SD. We have been recognized as the most reputable and trustworthy service providers since 1977. With our exemplary performance, we are proud to have a long list of happy customers in the three regions of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

On your first call, our roofing professionals will conduct a detailed and a cost-free inspection of your roof to evaluate and verify its condition. Although roof replacements are very expensive, Hoppe Roofing recommends all the customers that roof replacement should only be conducted if urgent.

Hoppe Roofing is among those companies that utilize Conklin’s Flexion Single-Ply Roofing for flat roof replacement. Conklin is considered to be a leader in durable, effective, and innovative roofing products for more than 40 years. If you go on the internet and type Hoppe Roofing, you will come across a name Don Hoppe, the owner of Hoppe Roofing, recognized as the master contractor in the market and have been with Conklin since 2011. Don Hoppe has earned his name for consistent competence in the application of Conklin products.

All flat roofs are not exactly flat. There are slopes around 100 to drain water away. These slopes are often seen on the residential buildings. These roofs are low compared to angled roofs and make flat roofs prone to standing water considered as the root of multiple roofing issues. This roofing system offers a shield or protection from the unpredictable weather especially in the area of American Mid-West. This system is designed for structures that support lightweight roof arrangements like concrete, wood, and steel.

Everything depends on the products and the contractors:

Hoppe Roofing and Conklin has proved themselves as a combination of excellence. Since good products need good application and good contractors need great products. There are certain reasons which make these contractors efficient and expert in their field:


  • These experts focus on building the reputation.
  • These contractors have experience of 40 Years.
  • Their skill set and craftsmanship cannot be questioned
  • They provide personal attention to every issue
  • Customized and effective solutions are always with them.
  • Ability to provide quick and satisfactory service



With all these qualities of our experts, flat roof replacement is hassle-free, long-lasting and energy-efficient:

Don Hoppe the owner of Hoppe Roofinghas taken responsibility to visits every site and ensure that the project is a success and that the solutions last for years. So to avail benefits or free estimates call us today at (855) 472-4932 or and also avail the best products applied by the top professionals.


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